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          St Monica's RC High School

          Bury Old Road, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 1JH

          0161 773 6436

          8am - 4pm, Mon - Fri

          School Term Dates

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          Term Dates 2019/20

          RETURN TO SCHOOLWednesday 4th September 2019

          (Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd Sept Staff PAD days)
          HALF TERMThursday 17th October 2019

          (Friday 18th Oct Staff PAD day)
          Monday 28th October 2019
          CHRISTMASFriday 20th December 2019Tuesday 7th January 2020

          (Monday 6th Jan Staff PAD day)
          HALF TERMFriday 14th February 2020Monday 24th February 2020
          EASTERFriday 3rd April 2020Monday 20th April 2020
          May Bank HolidayThursday 7th May 2020Monday 11th May 2020
          HALF TERMFriday 22nd May 2020Monday 1st June 2020
          SUMMERFriday 17th July 2020

          Term Dates 2020/21

          TERMCLOSE (3pm)OPEN (8.25am)
          RETURN TO SCHOOLThursday 3rd September 2020
          (Tuesday 1st /Wednesday 2nd September 2020 Staff PAD Day)
          HALF TERMThursday 22nd October 2020

          (Friday 23rd October 2020 Staff PAD day)
          Monday 2nd November 2020
          CHRISTMASFriday 18th December 2020Thursday 7th January 2021

          (Wednesday 6th January 2021 Staff PAD day)
          HALF TERMFriday 12th February 2021Monday 22nd February 2021
          EASTERThursday 1st April 2021Monday 19th April 2021
          May Bank HolidayMonday 3rd May 2021
          HALF TERMFriday 28th May 2021Monday 7th June 2021
          SUMMERThursday 22nd July 2021

          Our Departments

          Latest News


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